Boost Your Crypto Portfolio's Income

Logos helps users grow their crypto investments using a feature-rich terminal and proven automated bots that operate on major exchanges

Start Logos helps traders win regardless
of market conditions.

For every market condition, there’s a trading strategy that can profit from it. Logos bots happen to be really good at reducing average acquisition costs, directly increasing your profit margins from each trade.

Bear markets

Use DCA Short bots to borrow and sell tokens at the current price and buy them back at a lower price

Bull markets

Use DCA Long bots to buy the natural dips and sell the spikes as the price rises over time, achieving a better average entry price for your positions

Sideways markets

Use Grid bots to pick up cheaper tokens when they hit support levels and sell them when they’re close to resistance levels

Start Crypto is hard, but Logos
makes it easier

Smart trading terminals
 with the ultimate feature set

SmartTrade and Terminal enable you to set your trades in advanced based on triggers you specify. Set the trade, and walk away... Logos will handle it.

Track your 

Keep your investments in one place, not all over the place. Collect all your assets in one portfolio: connect exchanges and wallets, as well as create your own accounts for your favorite tokens and coins.

Bot presets

Not sure where to start? Copy the presets from other seasoned traders and skip the learning curve.


Integrate signals into your bot and automatically copy the trades of professional traders.

Better The right tools for every kind of market.


Logos only interacts with exchanges using API keys. Your funds are secure because we do not have your credentials and cannot initiate withdrawals

Trade Automation

Our DCA, Grid, Options, and Futures bots are proven performers that execute your trading strategy at scale. The market never sleeps, and neither do our bots


Logos’ dashboards show you exactly how your trades are performing in real time, so you know when to optimize and when to let them run

Get Your Best Exchange

Best Manage all your exchange accounts from one interface

Automated trading tools are supported on 3 major cryptocurrency exchanges

Logos features

Create portfolios with any coin alocation and rebalance your account with a click.

Add multiple accounts to track your portfolio and check your daily PnL.

Trade without money. Test strategies safely and without any risk.

Accrue additional profit with unexpected market moves. Sell and buy back coins.

A simple set of automated strategies to trade options on an exchange.

Subscribe to signals provided by other traders to copy strategies.


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